Special Sushi Rolls $11.50

  1. Albacore Delight Roll :  spicy tuna and  avocado inside, albacore topping  

  2. Baja Temptation Roll :  crab meat  inside, salmon topping

  3. Konbujme Roll : spicy tuna inside, snapper topping

  4. James Roll:   spicy tuna, crab meat, dicon radish,  snapper and salmon topping

  5. Trojan Roll : spicy tuna, scallop  inside, spicy tuna topping

  6. Crazy 911 Roll : spicy tuna, crab meat, dicon radish,  avocado topping

  7. Red Temptation Roll : spicy crab meat, seared tuna topping

  8. Albacore Chips : Deep fried lettuce or sesame leafs,  crab meat, spicy tuna, albacore, dicon radish topping

  9. R-8 Roll : crab meat, tempura shrimp inside, albacore or salmon topping

  10. Popcorn Shrimp : tempura fried shrimp inside a California roll

  11. Crazy Baked Snapper Roll : baked snapper, California roll

  12. Sexy Q Roll : crab meat, tuna, salmon, avocado inside, wrapped in cucumber

  13. Crazy Vegas Roll : tempura fried roll

  14. NY Roll : spicy crab meat, lettuce, dicon radish inside, snapper and tuna topping

  15. Yellowtail Basil Roll : spicy tuna, lettuce, dicon radish inside, yellowtail and avocado topping

  16. Black Dragon Roll : crab meat inside, fresh water eel topping

  17. Kiss Roll: jalapeno, lettuce, radish, spicy crab inside, salmon and avocado topping

  18. Seared Salmon Roll : spicy crab meat inside, seared salmon topping

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